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Construction, Completion and Maintenance of Dewatering Pumping Wellfield

Client: Aspire Logistics
Consultant: Hyder Middle East
Location: Aspire Zone, Doha
Duration: 2013-2014
The main objective of the project is to provide dewatering neccessary to continiously lower the existing high ground water table and control hydrostatic pressure in the vicinity of existing buildings at Aspire Zone (Aquatic Centre, Energy Centre, Aspire Sport Hall, Torch Tower Hotel).
The work generally comprises of following main objectives:
1. Installation of 34 deep pumping wells with an internal diameter of not less than 300mm to depth 15-20m.
2. Trial testing of pumping well group in each zone via temporary piping to nearest discharge point.
3. Installation of pumping equipment, wellhead & valve chambers and  transmission pipeline  to blending tank/drainage system.
4. Installation of field instrumentation  for monitoring of water quality / underground water level.
5. Installation of Master PLC, HMI Screen, Remote I/O’s for Remote monitoring of system
6. Dewatering system maintenance

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