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Onshore Drilling Cluster Works

Client: TOTAL
Location: DOROOD Oilfield
Contract No.: EPI-0110
Duration: 2001-2002
The aim of the project is the provision of concrete platforms for onshore clusters, inclusive of earthworks, access road to platforms, soil improvement, piling, concrete works and etc..

Water Treatment Plant for MIS Dam

Client: Dailem-Sato
Location: MIS Dam
Contract No.: 760909
Duration: 1996-1997
The project scope of work comprises of concrete works as well as mechanical equipment installations for MIS dam, inclusive of pump station, primary settling basin, power transformer, water pipeline, water purification plant, water reservoirs and etc..

Construction of Pipeline Bridges

Client: Chiyoda
Location: BA Refinery
Contract No.: GL/2/4355
Duration: 1990-1992
The project comprises of construction of 55 nos. concrete bridges with different lengths between 8m and 20 m over refinery streets to let the below ground pipes pass under.

Rehabilitation of Oil Loading Terminals

Client: Daewoo Location: Gulf Terminal Contract No.: SO/T/4/A31002 Duration: 1994-1995 The project includes the rehabilitation of oil Loading Terminals which comprises of prefabrication and installation of all new piping on the existing and new structures.

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