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The Sea Water Intake

Client: TOTAL
Location: Gulf Onshore/ Offshore
Contract No.: EPI-0232
Duration: 2004-2005
This project is provision of water retaining structure to be fed through a pipeline from sea water to basin which is inclusive of concrete works, steel pipes piling and laying pipes to sea bed.

Construction of Cultural Centre

Client: TOTAL
Location: Gulf Oilfield
Contract No.: 3037
Duration: 2003-2004
The scope of project comprises of execution of a Cultural Centre inclusive of structural steel works, architectural, MEP and finishing works with relevant access road and landscaping works.

Concrete Works in Harbour


Client: TOTAL
Location: Gulf Oilfield
Contract No.: WO/0021
Duration: 2002-2003
This project was execution of concrete slabs and relevant facilities in harbor , including silo slab with it's utility channel, loading slab, reinforced beams behind sheet piles and tamp.

Onshore 14” Pipeline

Client: TOTAL
Location: BALAL Oilfield
Contract No.: EPI-1117
Duration: 2002-2003
This job is Balal onshore 14” oil pipeline inclusive of pipeline route leveling, excavation and backfilling, access road, pipeline sleepers and piping works inclusive of laying and welding and relevant tie – in works .

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